Sell Garlic products

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We can supply whole fresh garlic, products' some specification and price as follows;
1) Garlic with purple & pure white garlic,
4.0cm up,
5.0cm up, packing in mesh of 20kgs,
6.0cm up, packing in carton of 10kgs
2) Peeling garlic ( fresh garlic cloves or segments) , size: 280pcs/kg Max. , packing in carton of 30 LBS
Or 4x5LBS, 6X3LBS,
3) Frozen garlic diced, size: 3x3mm, packing in carton of 10kg,
We can supply salted, fresh, frozen garlic clove. paster garlic clove(salted fresh frozen) , specification as follows:
L grade 160-240 30%
M grade 240-360 40%
S grade 360 up 30%