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1) Pure White Garlic (Snow White garlic)
2) Normal White Garlic(red garlic)

1) Sizes: 4.5-5.0cm, 5.0-5.5cm, 5.5-6.0cm, 6.0 -6.5cm,
6.5cm and up
2) Transporting and storing temperature: -3-0 0C
3) Supply period: All the year round
A) Fresh garlic: Early June to September
B) Cold storing garlic: September to the next May
4) Plump shaped bulbs offering full flavored cloves that
have a purplish hue
5) Shelf life is long and can be stored for up to 9 months
under proper conditions
6) Can produce wonderful flavors and have the beneficial
effect of reducing bacteria, keeping the heart in good
condition and immunity
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15 days
Minimum Order Quantity
20 mt
Terms of Payment
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