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Garment Bonding Film
This Hot Melt Adhesive Film is TPU material with release paper one side. It's advanced for Low Melt Temperature Resistance, High Film Resilience, Softhandle due to our Introduced Formula.

Raw Material: TPU

Fusion Temperature: 120C + 5C

Pressing Temperature: 120C - 150C

Pressing Time: 10 - 15S

Curing Speed: 3minutes

Thickness: 0.03mm - 0.25mm

Width: 48cm - 110cm

Appearance: Clear and Semi-transparent with Slight Fluorescent

Packing: 100Yard per roll

Applications: Nylon, Warp Knitting, Lycra, and kinds of Stretch Fabrics, etc.

Washing Temperature: Rattling for 40C regular water washing, and depending on the fabrics used.