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This gas combi-steamer owns the high-efficient burner as the heating source. Its special way of suppling heat can prevent the food stuff from being contamined, and it is ignited through the electronic impulse. The gas will be cut off if it cannot be lit, giving a warning signal; it owns all cooking programs, such as baking, broiling, cooking and steaming, to make many kinds of dishes. A core probe controls the center temperature of the food to make sure that the color, smell and taste are best, and it is equipped with a thermostat and a timer.
It's a multi-function gas combi-steamer to meet your need to replace the ordinary oven. It's the new stype and can be used easily.
Remark: The following accessories can be used:
1. Stainless steel grid-shelf (dimensions: 536W334mm)
2. Food tray: GN1/1, GN1/2, GN1/3, GN1/4, GN1/6, depth from 20 to 200mm
Except GN1/1, other trays can be used with the grid-shelf. User can select the above accessories at will.
Dimensions: 952W978W930 mm
Power: 54,790BTU/hr/34,244BTU/hr
Volts: 3N-380V/50Hz 3phase 220 volts 60hz
Max Capacity:10-Tray of GN1/1
Menu: 25
Weight: 180kg
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220volts,60 hz
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