Sell Gas Cooker and Oven

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1. Burner size (mm) : R120 L114 M85W2
Rated heat (KW) : R3.8 L3.5 M1.6W2
4 burners control alone
2. Impulse ignition(220V)
3. Auto-choke safety device (switch off the gas automatically in case of unwanted flame)
4. Applicable gas: LGP, Natural gas, Coal gas
5. Material: 304 stainless steel. Glass-cover lid with safety

1. The interior of the accessories have a layer of extremely smooth high-gloss enamel
2. Rated voltage: 220V / rated frequency: 50Hz
3. Capacity: 72.4L
4. Rated power: 2000W, 800W for top, 1200W for bottom
5. All-glass oven door, stainless steel door handle
6. Light in the oven: 220V/25Hz
7. Different types of heating modes are available for the oven , enabling you to select the best method for cooking
7. Rotary motor, rotisserie
8. Power indicator light, Minute minder with stop function, Rotisserie and illuminate-switch, Heating methods select-switch , thermostatic control-switch
9. The lower part of the oven: warmer compartment, deposit the baked food
10. The bottom of the oven: 4 high adjustable feet
11. Product dimensions: 590*600*900mm
12. Measurement of carton : 650*635*840mm