Sell Gas Detection System SA-GDS

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Gas Detection System SA-GDS
1. Main functions:
1. Record your own personal message for ten seconds
2. Set 6 groups alarm telephone numbers
3. Telephone line anti-cutting function
4. password protection ON/OFF
5. time delay to Arm/Alarm/Disarm
6. Arm/disarm each zone separately
7. close the back up battery (Optional)
8. control & operate the Mechanical Valve from Main Control Panel
9. gas detector is available for 24 hours whenever arm/disarm
10. pulse or tone dialing setting
11. back to original station
2. Outstanding features:
* Remote arm/disarm the main control and open/close the mechanical valve.
* The main control panel can save 6 groups telephone numbers, and dial the users pre-set numbers automatically when there is an alarm.
* Learn wireless detect sensors, such as door sensors, PIR, remote
3. Standard unit:
one control panel with build-in backup battery, one advanced gas detector, one intelligent mechanic valve, one power adaptor for control panel, one power adaptor for gas detector
1. Payment terms: 100% T/T in advance; . All above Price is based on FOB
2. Delivery Time: 14 days after payment, small order within 1~7days.
3. OEM/ODM Service: packing ; Brand name etc.
4. If you pay us freight together with goods cost, we can arrange shipping for you.
5. shipment: usually by Express(DHL, UPS, FEDEX)
6. Valid time: two weeks
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