Sell Gas Detector / Alarm

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l Induced Gas: Coal Gas\ Natural Gas \ LPG
l Power Input: DC12V
l Working Current: 10mA
l Working Environment: Temperature: -100500 Humidity: <=95%RH
l Buzzer Level: >=70dB/m
l Alarm Density: 15%LEL
l Resume Density: 8%LEL
l Stability: Long-time Working Alarm Density Error <=15%LEL
l Repetitiveness: Repetition Test Alarm Density Error<=15%LEL
l Alarm Density Error: <=15%LEL
l Alarm Mode: Flash Sound Alarm, Output Network Alarm Signal
Note: Sample Gas CH4
Installation Location
The gas detector is fixed within a radius of 1.5m from the gas source.
l If used to detect LPG, the JDY-336 must be installed above the ground about 0.3m~1.0m because LPG is heavier than air.
l If used to detect natural gas or coal gas, the JDY-336 must be installed next to ceiling about 0.3m~1.0m because those gases are lighter than air.
l It can not be fixed above gas cooking stove or around exhausting fan, door & window brink or watery bathroom.
l Connection method: The terminal board 1 connects the DC12V anode. The terminal board 2 connects the cathode. The terminal board 3 is the common interface. The terminal board 4 is the constant-closing joint. The terminal board 5 is the constant-opening joint.