Sell Gas Detector RCG412

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* Hot wire type sensor
* Easy installation with a metal bracket
* Gas level indicator with LED displayer
* Detect all sorts of combustible gases, LPG and LNG include city gas
* Ideal for all kitchens
* Excellent reliability & high stability
* Self test function/silence function
* Durable sensor head
* Less affected by other organic solvent
* High Accuracy
* 9V backup battery
* Loud sound signal of 85 dB at alarm mode
* Three-year limited warranty.

Suitable for the safety valve.


* Power Source :220V AC
* Sensitivity : 10%LEL
* Power Consumption : 1.7W
* Operating Temperature : -10oC ~ 50oC
* Ambient Humidity : Less than 95% RH
* Horn Level :75 Decibels at 10 feet
* Standby Mode : Green LED on
* Alarm Mode : Red LED flashes and an acoustic alarm
* Sensor faulty model: yellow LED light
* Type Of Gas Sensed : Natural gas, town gas, LPG
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