Sell Gas Emergency Shut Off Solenoid Valve

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1) Fluid: Natural Gas, Coal Gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas
2) Size: 25 to 400 mm
3) Ambient Temperature: -20 to 60 :C
4) Working Pressure: 0 to 0.6 Mpa
5) Body Material: Stainless Steel, Casting Steel, Alloy Aluminum
6) Response Time: Below 3 S

1) Widely applied in gas pipeline.
2) Low power consumption: Normally open type, just need a split second of electricity to shut off.
3) Safety and reliability: After shut off, it is self-locked, not need electrical source.
4) Easy operation: Manual reset to resupply gas.

Working Principle:
This solenoid valve is normally open and pulse-trigger mode. It has function of self-lock and manual reset in the event of emergency. When the coil is electrified instantly, tie rod lose support. Under spring force, solenoid valve shut off quickly and self-locked. Then if remove electrical source, the solenoid valve cannot be opened unless using manual reset to pull tie rod up.
CE, ISO9001