Sell Gas Meter Flexible Hose

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Anti-aging, taint-resistant:SUS304
Safety guarantee:insurance covered by PICC
Quality guarantee:ISO9001 certification
Cautery-resistant:SUSS304, HP59 copper with chrome plate
Flexibility:annular corrugation, it can be bent at any direction 10 times upon large than the minimum bend radius
Inspection department:china Gas Appliances inspection Center
Reputation:Superior product Recommended by Shanghai Gas Appliances Management Department

Installation Instruction
1. Select applicable type and length
2. Put the nrts on hose in advance before installation and make sure rubber gaskets in the ports are all right.
3. Turm off gas switch before installation
4. When turning the nuts , try to avoid any violence , which may destroy the rubber gaskes.
5. Using soap water to check whether there is a leakage after installation
6. Special design and manufacture can be done according to client's requirement.

Code/ Spec/ Nominal Pressure/ TestionPressure/ Min Bend. R. /Connecter
a. SLMQ /DN08/ 0.2MPa /0.8MPa /16 /Both ends adjustable nuts
b. SLMQ08-1 /DN08 /0.2MPa /0.8MPa /16 /One end adjustanle nuts another fitting
c. SLMQL20/ DN20/ 0.2MPa /0.8MPa /40 /Both ends adjustable nuts