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Our main products of the common domestic gas meter and intelligent integrative gas meter, divided into 5 series and 27 models of G1, G1.6, G2.5, G4, G1.6(S) , G2.5(S) , G4(S) , developed and designed by foreign technical experts, can fully meet the market requirements aboard. The company acquired DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate which issued by the Certification Body of TuV Management Service GmbH(Germany) . The company is also the first company in China that has acquired the OIML International Standard Product Certificate issued by the International Inspection Bureau of France(No.01IND-IC1009) .
1. Domestic Gas Meter G1.6
1) Nominal flow-rate (Qn) : 1.6m3/h
2) Maximum flow-rate (Qmax) : 2.5 m3/h
3) Minimum flow-rate (Qmin) : 0.016 m3/h
4) Total pressure loss: <=200Pa
5) Operating pressure range: 0.5-30kPa
6) Min recording readings: 0.2dm3
7) Max recording readings: 9999.999m3
8) Operating ambient temperature: -20 ~ +40oC
9) Service life: 10 years
10) Storage temperature: 5 - 40oC

2. ZG4(S)
1) Nominal flow-rate (Qn) : 4m3/h
2) Maximum flow-rate (Qmax) : 6m3/h
3) Minimum flow-rate (Qmin) : 0.040m3/h
4) Total pressure loss: <= 250Pa
5) Operating pressure range: 0.5~50kPa
6) Min. recording readings: 0.2dm3
7) Operating ambient temperature: -10~+400C
8) Service life: 10 years
9) Storage temperature: 5-400C
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DIN EN ISO 9001&3A2000 Quality Management System Certificate, OIM
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