One Time Sell Gas Power Plant/50 Hz/Caterpillar Units

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This is a complete power plant with switchgear and breakers!
Five Caterpillar Gas Generator Sets

First four units have Caterpillar SR4 generators rated at
970 KW, 1213 KVA
50 Hz
1500 rpm

Fifth units has a Caterpillar SR4 generator rated at
960 KW, 1200 KVA
50 Hz
1500 rpm

All units have:
Altronic 3
Woodward governor
Premium gauge panel
CMR temperature panel
SI timing control
Hebco radiator with four Leroy Somers electric motors for fans
Ciat cooler for aftercooler water
Two mufflers
Woodward automatic power transfer and load control

Unit 1 unknown
Unit 2 18,020
Unit 3 18,287
Unit 4 18,461
Unit 5 13,037 manufactured in 1994
Brand Name
Condition of Goods
Model Number
Power Requirements
960 Kw Each