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Stable electric arc, low splashing, high deposition efficiency and good welding seam, It can be welded automatically or semi-automatically.

Application: Low carbon steel and low alloy steel, rolling stock, container, Engineering machinery, and pressure container, etc.

Type Model GB Chemical composition
C Mn Si S P other
THQ-50A ER49-1 0.11 1.80/2.10 0.65/1.95 0.03 0.030 Cu0.05 Ni030 Cr0.20
THQ-50C ER50-6 0.06/0.15 1.40/1.85 0.80/1.15 0.035 0.025 Cu0.50 other 0.50
Chemical composition/Mechanical properties/ Usage Type Model GB Mechanical properties
Rel / Rp0.2 Rm A A KV
MPa MPa % J

THQ-50A ER49-1 372 490 20 Normal temperature
THQ-50C ER50-6 420 500 22 -30 : C

Chemical composition / Mechanical properties /Usage Type Model GB Usage
THQ-50A ER49-1 Used for welding low carbon steel and some key structures of low-alloy steel.
THQ-50C ER50-6 Used for welding low carbon steel and 50kgf/mm 2 grade of high-strength steel structures like vechiles, building, boat, bridge and etc. Can also be used for speed welding of sheet and pipes.
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