Sell Gas Turbine Based Generator

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1. Continuous Power Supply System
For where no electricity is available or in parallel with utility-supplying part of the total power required with design for automatic operation (start/power supply/stop) and equipped with alarm/protection systems.
Available Range: 1.0-5.5MWs
2. Standby generator sets
With outputs from 550 kVA to 5,500 kVA. They have been well received due to the compact and light weight design that can be installed even on soundproof indoors and the ease of operation and maintenance.
Available Range: 0.5-5.0MW
3. Cogeneration Power System
The production of electricity and useful thermal energy simultaneously from a common internal combustion engine. The rejected exhaust heat from our packaged gas turbine systems can be captured and used for industrial processes, or for heating and air conditioning, as well as water desalinization or water clean-up / polishing. In most applications gas turbine exhasut heat is captured through the use of an HRSG - heat recovery steam generator. the steam prodcued by the HRSG can be used for process or district heating, or sent to absorption chillers for air conditioning. Back end chiller can also be installed which utilize the thermal energy directly from our gas turbine exhaust gases.
Available Range: 1.5-10MWs