Sell Gas control valves for gas fired boilers

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The gas control valve is multifunctional control with modulating thermostat and additional on-off function. It can be used for Space heaters, convector heaters, storage water theaters, boilers, catering appliances and all those appliances that require accurate temperature control.
Main functions:
Control knob with positions for off, pilot and temperature selection
Thermoelectric flame supervision device with re-start interlock
Max gas flow adjustment
Pressure regulator
Min flow adjustment
Modulating thermostat with additional on-off function
Pilot outlet with pre-setting device of the gas flow
Inlet and pilot filter
Lateral or bottom main gas inlet and outlet
Main gas connections with threaded pipe or nut and olive
Main data:
Max gas inlet pressure: 50mbar
Outlet pressure setting range: 3-18mbar
Working temperature range: 0-80degree