Sell Gas engine&generator--Dual Purpose Gasoline&Gas(LPG or NG) generator

Gas engine&generator--Dual Purpose Gasoline&Gas(LPG or NG) generator You May Also Be Interested In: dual fuel generator gas engine gas engine generator gas generator ng generator
Model 5000E-DP Gasoline and Gas Generator

Benefit and features:
1. Home application purpose, suitable for gas presure 0.8-3kpa
2. Special Natural gas engine, high performance, high efficient(>95% of gasoline engine efficiency) , high quality Alternator. Automatic voltage adjustment, long runtime.
3. Green power, automatic adjustment in Air-fuel ratio(can reach the best ratio 14.7:1)
4. Very economic, only 1/3 cost of gasoline
5. Many type for your slelection, color, electric starter and ATS starting method are available.
6. can custom manufacture LPG, coal gas, BIOGAS, CNG, dual fuel generator.

We are your Green Power Source.

We have a long history in supplying gas generator(including NG, LPG, BIOGAS, Propane Gas, Coal Gas generator) , Gas engine, Water Pump, High presure washer, Lawn Mower, and other gas engine driven machinery. We are capable of offering the machines with the best Air-Fuel Ratio, starting capability and high efficiency, economic fuel consumption. The power range is 0.65kw-200kw. Our current gas powered products are as follows:

1. Gas Engine
2. Gas Generator:CNG, LPG, NG, BG, Coal Gas, Propane Gas, Dual Fuel, Multi-Fuel
3. Water Pump
4. High presure washer
5. Lawn Mower

Color, electric starting, ATS, Push Handle and wheel, DC Output are optional.

CE, EPA are available.

The above are our product samples of gas engine powered machinery, for full product lines please write us directly.