Sell Gasoline Additive methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl

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Fulltime has just become the agent of a domestic manufacture who makes
MMT to compete with the product supplied by Ethyl. MMT is the Ethyl
tradename for methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (CASN
12108-13-3) . We offer the product under the trade name ECOTANE but it
is exactly the same chemically.

MSDS and tech data sheets attached. Product is currently being sold
into China so we know that this product is approved for at least some
fuel applications there.

Ecotane is an octane enhancing additive for unleaded gasoline. Though
EPA regulations limit the amounts that on-road fuel mixtures can
Contain (it is allowed but under a separate PPM limit) there are higher
thresholds for off-road applications.

The required does rate is 8 to 18 mg/L of unleaded gasoline. Our
research indicates that the octane enhancing properties of the MMT are
additive (that is, you can mix it with leaded gasoline to obtain a
further increase in the octane rating) . Though MMT is slightly higher
than TEL on a pound for pound basis (an initial price idea is in the
$13 - $15 /lb range) the doseage rates are about at least 2/3 less MMT per
volume of unleaded gasoline.

The biggest drawback to MMT is the diminishing rate of return it has on
octane numbers. It provides a couple octane numbers of benefit very
easily but we do not believe it is cost effective for very large
changes in octane numbers.