Sell Gateway Network Communications

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*performance and features
Support h.323 v4, compatible with most h.323 v1-v4 system and devices
Built in h.323 proxy support to pass nat
Support mgcp rfc2705
Support sip rfc3261
Support net2phone private protocol
Fast start and h.245 tunneling
Outband dtmf transmit by h.245 user input or q.931 keypad
IEEE 802.3/802.3 u 10 base t/100base tx
Major g.7xx and gsm610 audio codec
Caller ID send and receive by q.931
Provide direct IP address to IP address call mode, direct pstn call by a voice gatewaye.164 phone number call under the mode of gk
Automatically gatekeeper discovery in LAN
Call pstn by itsp's prepaid card (etalk, italk, ringtec etc)
Dhcp support for automatically assign IP address and others relevant parameters
Pppoe support for ADSL or cable modem
Setting IP net phone parameters by standard web browser (such as ie6.0) , phone keypad or standard telnet
Upgrade program by ftp mode
Support g.723.1 5.3k/6.3k, g.729, g.711 a-law, u-law audio codec algorithm
Dynamic voice detection echo cancellation comfort noise generation
Dynamic voice jitter buffer which minimize effect to the voice caused by the audio delay and jitter and as a result the quality of voice is high
Tone generation and local dtmf generation and detection according with itu-t
E.164 dial plan and customized dial rules
40 entries each for missed call, answered call and dialed call
112 entries for quick dial
16 entries for voice message
LCD display dial data, caller name, caller number and so on
Working status indicating lamps(red, yellow and green) and keypad jacklight
Independently digit adjust the volume of handset, hand free
14 function keys for operating and setting phone besides standard keys 0-9, #
Speed dialing
Adjustable volume for both handset and speaker
16 function keys, background LED and States indicating lights
Settings by HTTP web browser (ie6.0)
Advanced settings by telnet
Voice prompt
Upgrade by tftp
*main technical index
Main chip:50mhz
Data storage:2mb SDRAM
Program memory:1mb flash memory
Application network environment:10base-t/100base-t
Echo cancellation: G165 16ms
Store quick dial number:100
Record phone number of missed call:80
Power loss:2.7w(max)
Power adapter: Input AC 220v, output DC 9v 500ma
Employing condition:
Ambience temperature 0-40c(32-104f)
Relative humidity 10-95%
Atmosphere pressure 86-106kpa
Overall size:215*190*70mm(l*w*h)
*user manual
Ywh10 user manual
*ywh10 series type
Ywh10b-hh 1 rj45 black and red
Ywh10b-lb 1 rj45 blue and white
Ywh10d-hh 2 rj45 black and red
Ywh10d-lb 2 rj45 blue and white
*ywh10 firmware
Ywh10 1.38 firmware palmtool 1.38
Ywh10 1.46 firmware palmtool 1.46