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Gauss meter Modle: GM55
First, background:
The product is fully functional replacement of Japan's imports of Gaussian TM601, comprehensive, reliable test data.
Second, the overview:
GM series of handheld digital Gauss / Tesla of DC can be used to measure magnetic fields, magnetic fields, such as exchanges of various types of magnetic field strength of magnetic induction. The instrument can carry, the range of wide and easy to operate, liquid crystal display clear. Power for a 9 V batteries, 20 hours of continuous use.
Third, the scope of application:
GM55 type of hand-held digital Gauss, permanent magnet material surface magnetic field, DC motor, speakers, magnetic separator, permanent magnet Separators the work of the magnetic field. And machining can be applied to detect residual magnetic materials after the detection pole distribution, product Demagnetization remaining after the magnetic field, and controlling the electroplating with magnetic materials, motor magnetic detection, leak detection of the magnetic field.
Fourth, technical indicators:

range of: 0 ~ 200 mT ~ 2000mT
fundamental error: 1 5%
resolution: DC W 1: 0.00 ~ 200.00mT 0.01mT

DC W 10:0.0 ~ 2000.0mT 0.1mT
AC W 1: 0.00 ~ 200.00mT 0.01mT
AC W 10:0.0 ~ 2000.0mT 0.1mT
measured magnetic field: DC magnetic field / exchange magnetic field (static magnetic field / dynamic magnetic field)
function: to maintain peak function
Gs (Gaussian) / mT (millitesla) can automatically switch
DC measurements have N / S polar Show
rapid automatic button,
ambient temperature: 5 0 ~ 40 0
Relative Humidity: 20% to 80% (non-Ning Lu)
power supply: a 9 V battery-powered 9V
appearance size: 160 mm W 88mm W 36mm
equipment weight: 300 g
display: 4 1 / 2 LCD
display units: mT / Gs
Note: 1 mT = 10Gs