Sell Gauze Sponge Folding Machine

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By using various pre-sized absorbent gauze and with 2 operators in assistance, these machines automatically do operations: cutting, edge-creasing, scissoring, folding, forming, rearranging, output, and counting quantity. They can manufacture the products according to American Standards, European Standards and other Special standards. Upon request, they provide products through single-lane, double-lanes and multi-lanes to speed-up output and work pace. They also do special technological processes like Wet-mode folding, X-ray detectable tread applying and Operand resetting (24 operand, 34operand, 44 operand) . For the light-model machines, they can also be converted into 3 to 4--lanes for making the 4-ply and 8-ply gauze rolls or swabs in a high efficient working style, It is also named gauze sponge folding machine, gauze sponge folding machinery, gauze folding machine, gauze sponge machine, gauze sponge machinery, gauze machine, gauze swab machine, gauze swab machinery, gauze swab making machine, gauze swab making machinery, gauze swab processing machine, gauze swab processing machinery, gauze swabs machine, gauze swabs machinery, gauze swabs making machine, gauze swabs making machinery, gauze swabs processing machine, gauze swabs equipment, gauze swabs equipments, gauze sponge folding machine with un-folding edge, gauze sponge folding machine with unfolding machine, gauze spong folding machine with folding edge, gauze equipment, gauze sponge equipment, gauze sponge equipments, gauze sponge instrument, gauze instrument, gauze sponge machines