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Gauze bandage
* Available in individual pack in paper or plastic
* Available in multiple gauze mesh,13threads,17threads,20threads etc
* Available in white, green or blue gauze
* To comply with USP, BP, EP etc
2.5cmX9m(1X10yds) 12pcs/dozen 100dozn/case
5cmX9m(2X10yds) 12pcs/dozn 100dozn/case
7.5cmX9m(3X10yds) .12pcs/dozen 100dozn/case
10cmX9m(4X10yds)  12pcs/dozn 100dozn/case
15cmX9m(6X10yds) .12pcs/dozen 100dozn/case

2.5cmX5.4m(1X6yds) 12pcs/dozn 100dozn/case
5cmX5.4m(2X6yds) . .12pcs/dozen 100dozn/case
7.5cmX5.4m(3X6yds) 12pcs/dozn 100dozn/case
10cmX5.4m(4X6yds) 12pcs/dozen 100dozn/case
15cmX5.4m(6X6yds) .12pcs/dozn 100dozn/case

2.5cmX4.5m(1X5yds) 12pcs/dozn 100dozn/case
5cmX4.5m(2X5yds) . .12pcs/dozen 100dozn/case
7.5cmX4.5m(3X5yds) 12pcs/dozn 100dozn/case
10cmX4.5m(4X5yds) 12pcs/dozen 100dozn/case
15cmX4.5m(6X6yds) .12pcs/dozn 100dozn/case

2.5cmX3.6m(1X4yds) 12pcs/dozn 100dozn/case
5cmX3.6m(2X4yds) . .12pcs/dozen 100dozn/case
7.5cmX3.6m(3X4yds) 12pcs/dozn 100dozn/case
10cmX3.6m(4X4yds) 12pcs/dozen 100dozn/case
15cmX3.6m(6X4yds) .12pcs/dozn 100dozn/case

* Other dimensions, width, length and package can be produced as per requirements
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