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Gear-Headed Lathe is designed for metal process. Its bed-way is supersonic hardened and grounded and its gears are high-frequency hardened and skived, thus assuring good anti-wear resistance, less noise and consistent working accuracy. This machine has a thread-chasing function for processing various kinds of threads and can make an emergency braking of the spindle. The machine can be equipped with various special attachments. The machine is easy to operate and can be widely used for the mass production of components in the metal work process, machine tools industry, the hardware & tools industry and other manufacturing industries.

Max. swing over bed 320mm
Max. turning dia. over cross slide 198mm
Max. length to be turned 135mm
Spindle: Speed steps
Speed range
Diameter of the spindle through-bore
Cone of the spindle bore 1000, 810, (610) rpm70~2000rpm
MT No.5
Feed rates: In the longitudinal direction (36)
In the transverse direction (36) 0.079~1.291mm
Turret: Cross slide travel
Top slide travel
Swiveling angle of the turret
Distance from the tool bearing surface to the spindle centerline 160mm

Thread-chasing: Metric threads (36)
Whitworth threads (36) 0.4~7.0mm
Tailstock: Tailstock quill travel
Cone of the tailstock quill bore 100mm
MT No.3
Power of the main driving motor 1.1 or 1.5KW
Overall dimensions (LWWWH) (1000) 1850W710W1280 mm
Net weight 540Kg
Condition of Goods
1850W710W1280 mm
Model Number