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ROMA make GEARFLEX Gear Toothed Flexible Coupling offer most reliable and positive means of transmitting mechanical power with ample flexibility to combat various forms of misalignment: angular, offset and combination of angular offset including end float of shafts.

ROMA make GEARFLEX standard double engagement type gear toothed flexible coupling consists of two gear hubs, two outer flanged geared sleeves, a set of bolts, grease nipples and O rings. The external teeth of the hubs engage with the internal teeth of sleeves are bolted together thus making the unit a complete coupling.

The flexibility in the coupling is provided by specially designed gear teeth configuration which makes the coupling self-aligning duration operation.

The geared hubs are made out of tested forged steel and flanged geared sleeves are made out of tested forged steel or graded cast steel depending on the size and requirements. The teeth are generated and are involute from. The bolts are made out of high tensile steel and precision machined. The O rings are made out of specially bonded rubber to withstand compression and of adequate hardness for a long life.

The sleeves and hubs are heat treated to hardness of 240-280 BHN to provide wear-resistance properties for longer life of the couplings.

For standard ROMA make GEARFLEX couplings the lubrication is provided by Grease which penetrates the tooth contact area to form a thin layer of lubricant to minimize the friction. The grease is injected through grease nipples and is retained by O rings provided on both sides.

OPTIONAL SEALING: On specific request, ROMA make GEARFLEX couplings are provided with alternative sealing like felt seals, oil seals, detachable sealing arrangement with or without pressure plate etc.

OIL LUBRICATION: In case of lubrication by oil, the Couplings are provided with Oil-Plugs.

Versions Available

 Double Engagement Type (Full Geared)
 Single Engagement Type
-(Half Geared-Half Rigid)
 Mill Motor Type
 Spacer Type
 Brake Drum Type
 Vertical Type
 Disengaging Type
 Continuous Sleeve Type
-(Without Bolted Flanges)
 Extended Hubs Type
 Shear Pin Type
 Spindle Type
 Cordon Shaft Type

Advantages for Gear Couplings

 High Torque / Weight Ratio
 Low Moment Of Inertia values
 No Wearing Part during misalignment
of connected shafts
 Low Maintenance
 Can absorb various misalignments
viz. Angular, Parallel, Combined
Angular- Parallel including End-Float
of shafts

Basic Data required for selection of Coupling

 Transmitted (Effective) Power in HP/KW or
 Torque Transmitted in Kg. M. / Nm
 Coupling Speed in r. p. m.
 Motor Power & Speed (HP / KW & r. p. m. )
 Shaft Size (Dia. x Length) in m. m.
on Driving Side
 Shaft Size (Dia. x Length) in m. m.
on Driven Side
 Application (i. e. Type of machine,
load etc)
 Mounting (i. e. Horizontal or Vertical
or Inclined)
 Ambient Temperature
 Any other special condition
Brand Name
Model Number