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Synonyms: Gelatins; Gelatine
Molecular Formula: C6H12O6 EINECS: 232-554-6 Molecular weight: 138.12 CAS No: 9000-70-8
HS code: 3503001001

Medical Gelatin; Edible Gelatine; Bone Glue; Industrial Gelatin.

Candy: gelatin is mainly used to enhance flavor and taste of candies making use of its chewing-resistant property and softness

Swiss soft candy, QQ soft candy: to improve texture and taste making use of its chewing-resistant property and solubility in mouth

Cotton candy: making use of emulsification property and churning process of gelatin to produce air-cell swelling the candies bulk and produce candies with special types and flavors

Dragee: making use of coagulation of gelatin to produce inclusion packed in sugar-coat and enhances candy texture and luster
Icy product: applying gelatin for icy products, such as ice cream, ice-lolly and ice bar, to enhance even emulsification ability, reduce solution speed of icy product and improve flavor and taste

Dairy food: for yoghurt, soft cheese and fresh butter, gelatin could maintain wetness of structure
Desserts: advanced jellies are all made with gelatin to enhance taste and flavor

Meat: gelatin are used for preparation of many dishes, such as gelatin beef, corned beef, meat stuffing of boiled dumpling and stuffed bun, burger and all kinds of ham meat. It could enrich flavor of meat and enhance coagulation. Seasoning juice and frozen beef also need gelatin to prevent coagulation and separation

Jam: for salad, chocolate catsup, cocoa catsup and peanut catsup, making use of viscosity gelatin to enhance thickness of products, improve quality and enhance flavor
Beverage: for juice, beverage and liquor, using clarification of gelatin to improve quality and enrich taste of products

Instant noodles: using coagulation of gelatin to produce seasoning package such as sugar-coat, made directly by hot water, convenient and clean. Besides, viscosity of gelatin could enhance substantiality of instant noodles soup, taste and flavor

Medicine: for cod-liver oil and medicine capsule, using coagulation of gelatin and property of producing sugar-coat, sanitary, convenient and cheap

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