Sell Gems HR Gradiometer Metal Detector

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Compact, universal and easily operated. Particular interesting for temporized seekers.

The GEMS is a HR-Gradiometer, which is principally made to find ferromagnetic metals like iron, nickel and kobalt up to a depth of 8 m. With the optional available Super sensor there is also a discrimination between precious and non-precious metals possible. Even cavities like graves, tunnels and grave chambers can be located with the Gems.

The device includes the following functionality:
- accoustical magnetometer
- graphical field research
- evaluation of measured results on a computer

All recorded measured value can be stored in the internal memory of the device temporarily and later transfered to a computer for analysis in the software Visualizer 3D. In the internal memory of the device maximal 65500 measured values can be stored. Additionally direct data transmission via bluetooth-technology to a computer is possible.

Because of the easy handling and facile usage the GEMS is specially interesting for beginners. Already after a short working time with the device you will come to appreciate the compact scale of the equipment. The small and transportable form allows the usage of the device in in different types of terrain. So it is also easy to handle in areas with difficult access. With the retaining clip on the back side of the device the GEMS is also portable on a girdle.
Brand Name
FS Future Series
Condition of Goods
Warranty Coverage
24 month