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We are the sell of gemstones CHALCEDONY origin is from Turkey , and we willing to sell the whole bulk area full , container load or partially to the serious buyers.

Rustem Fatkullin

Blue Gold Chalcedony, an impressive stone known for its beauty and super natural uses, was one of the most traded products of many civilizations. Its legendary stories go all the way back to 800 B. C. Chalcedony is made up of microscopic quartz crystals and is a member of the quartz (SiO2) family with a hardness degree of 7 - 7.5. Chalcedony comes in a range of colours, from light blues to dark purples and is regarded as the evil eye of nature as it has many known metabolic and psychological effects. It has been seen as a miracle for centuries due to its fascinating history. Chalcedony takes its name from todays Kadikoy in stanbul which used to be one of the biggest seaport cities of the ancient times. We are exports this semi precious stone, which is a product of Turkish land and culture, to many countries including USA, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, India, China and Germany under the name of Turkish Blue Chalcedony. Chalcedony is also being manufactured and exported as a line of jewelry and collectibles under the brand of Anatolian Chalcedony Turkey .