Sell Gen Tong Ping Granule for spinal disease

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Gen Tong Ping Granule is a national new medicine approved by Ministry of Health of the PRC. It is defined by the State Food and Drug Administration as the National Protected TCM, which has a high curative effect on cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae disease.

By activating blood circulation, removing stasis, dispelling dampness and activating muscles as well as softening hyperplasia, Gen Tong Ping
Granule can eliminate conglutination and dropsy, clear up non-bacteria inflammation, lessen the pressure and stress on nerve root, improve the micro-circulation of the infected parts, improve the metabolism of bone cells, prevent and modify fundamentally the retrograde affection of the whole spine, and finally cure cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae disease at the same time.

It's indication are as follows:
Pain and numbness caused by pathological changes of nerve root.
Cervical vertebrae disease
Stiffness in the neck
Pain in shoulder and neck-
Numbness in the arm
Headache and dizziness
Lumbar vertebrae disease
Bone hyperplasia
Spinal stenosis
Prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc
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a 20' container/month
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National New Drug
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300 boxes
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2 years