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1) Size: 34.7 x 34.7 x 52mm
2) Terminal layout: 2Z (MY2) , 3Z (MY3) , 4Z (MY4)
3) Contact capacity: AC 10A 250V, DC 10A 30V
4) Contact resistance: <=50m(Ohms)
5) Insulation resistance: >=100m(Ohms)
6) Dielectric strength: BOC 1000V AC, BCC 1500V AC
7) Coil nominal voltage: AC 6-240V, DC 6-220V
8) Coil nominal power: AC 0.9VA to 1.2VA, DC <=0.9W
9) Electrical life (OPS) : 100,000
10) Mechanical life (OPS) : 10,000,000
11) Operating temperature: -40~+60 &ordm; C
12) Weight: <=35
13) Mounting methods: outlet, print-circuit board

We can supply all kinds of General purpose relay with high quality. such as, FINDER TYPE:70 series, 60 series, 55 series, 57 series etc, OMRON TYPE: MK series, MY series, LY series etc.
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Brand Name
ISO9001, CE, CCC
Model Number
MY2, MY3, MY4