Sell Generator(TZH Series)

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TZH series uncontrollable compound excitation three-phase A. C. Synchronous generators are the self-excitation constant pressure generator of the uncontrollable compound excitation by the magnetization way with the despoliation fo AVR voltage automatic regulator, which is adopted the feedback and electric Complex of reactance phase-shifting and current mutual induction device. This series generators are, with excellent manufacture and high performance, possess the performance of superior constant voltage regulating rate, voltage waveform, efficiency, motional which meet stipulation of ministry-level standard JB/T8981-1999 The technical of three-phase synchronous brush generator and also meet the national standard GB2820-90. The general technical of industrial frequency diesel generator all technical requirements for type 1 power station. This controllable compound excitation is suitable for the small moveable power station driving by internal combustion engine, the land or marine generating sets for the industrial frequency power of moving force or lightening also can be used for power generator in other stage.

Technical Data
Model Rated Output(kw)
TZH-8 8
TZH-10 10
TZH-12 12
TZH-16 16
TZH-20 20
TZH-24 24
TZH-30 30
TZH-40 40
TZH-50 50
TZH-64 64
TZH-75 75
TZH-90 90
TZH-120 120
TZH-150 150
TZH-200 200
TZH-250 250