Sell Generator (STC Series)

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STC Series Three Phase Alternator

STC series generators are mainly designed to serve as power generating unit of small capacity which supply electricity for lighting purpose in ships as for household electric devices usid in towns or villages. The construction fo the generators is of drip-proof, salient pole rotating field self excitation and consant voltage type. The alternator inside is used with high quality electric magnentic and electrical mateials. Stator insulation is class B. These gene-rators are excellent in appearance, they are consolidate in construction and easy to maintain. Dimensions are adopted IEC Standard, they are suitable for Australia, Europe, America and other countries if the end covers model B. The generator of this series completed with a matching internal combution engine is available as stationary or movable power station to supply a lighting or power resource for villags, towns, working sites and pasture lands. It is of three-phase with neutral point star connection. characterized by a cable voltage of 400V, phase voltage of 230V, frequency fo 50Hz, and power factor of 0.8(lagging) . we can provide with 60Hz and other value generators upon the users request.

Technical Data

Three Phase
Model Power
STC-7.5 7.5KW
STC-10 10KW
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