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1) The DSE 5220 automatic mains failure module has been designed to allow the OEM to meet most of the industrys complex specifications. It has been primarily designed to monitor the mains (utility) supply, starting the generator automatically should it fall out of limits. Transfer of the load is automatic upon a mains supply failure. If required the generator and can be started and stopped manually, and if required, the user can transfer the load to the generator
either manually (via external push-buttons) or automatically. The user also has the facility to view all the system operating parameters via the LCD display.

2) The DSE 5220 module monitors the mains (utility) supply indicating the status of the mains on the modules integral LCD display. Additionally the module monitors the engine, indicating the operational status and fault conditions, automatically shutting down the engine and giving a true first up fault condition of an engine failure by a flashing common alarm LCD indicator. The exact failure mode is indicated by combined hidden til lit LEDs and the LCD display on the front panel. The powerful microprocessor contained within the module allows for a range of complex features to be incorporated as standard:
 Graphical Icon based LCD display (excluding the need for translations and languages) .
 Voltage, Current and Power monitoring.
 Engine parameter monitoring.
 Fully configurable inputs for use as alarms or a range of different functions.
 Extensive range output functions using built in relay outputs or relay expansion available.
Selective operational sequences, timers and alarm trips can be altered by the customer via a PC using the 5200 series configuration software and P810 interface. Additionally, a subset of this information can be adjusted from the modules front panel configuration editor.
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