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1. Gasoline Generator
LG 950DC 0.65kw USD 45.00
LG 1900CX 1.0kw USD 95.00
LG 2900CX 2.0kw USD 120.00
LG 3500CX 2.5kw USD 127.00
LG 5000CX 4.0kw USD 260.00
LG 6500CX 5.0kw USD 280.00
2. Digital Inverter Generator
YK 1000i 1.0kw USD 180.00
YK 2000i 2.0kw USD 260.00

3. Air-cooled diesed generator
LDG 2500cx 2.0kw USD 260.00
LDG 4000cx 3.0kw USD 310.00
LDG 6000cx 5.0kw USD 380.00
LDG 3600se(silent type)3.0kw USD 480.00
LDG 5000se(silent type)5.0kw USD 530.00
LDG 7500cxe 6.0kw USD 480.00
4. GF3 series large diesel generator
GF38kw 8.0kw USD1000.00
GF310kw 10kw USD1100.00
GF312kw 12kw USD1650.00
GF320kw 20kw USD2300.00
GF324kw 24kw USD2450.00
GF330kw 30kw USD3200.00
GF340kw 40kw USD3600.00
GF350kw 50kw USD4000.00
GF375kw 75kw USD6500.00