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Genie is the most powerful non surgical face lift machine on the market today thanks to the 10 minute Face Lift technology of Mediwave, built in to an equally as powerful body contouring system. The unique body hub has twenty-four separate computerised outlets and eleven different wave shapes that enable the machine to perform multiple treatments for the body. There are specific pre-programmed modes for the following body treatments

1. Slimming
2. Contouring
3. Lymphatic Drainage
4. Scar Tissue
5. Wrinkles
6. Acne

Each facial session takes only ten minutes in comparison to other machines that take 45/60 mins per treatment.

Each body session takes only twenty minutes in comparison to other machines that take 1 hour per treatment.

The facial part of the machine works with milliamps that are 1000 times stronger than the micro current that conventional machines on the market use. This is why the results are quicker and more visible in only ten minutes.

It is the only machine on the market that actually builds muscle mass thanks to the Baxendale wave that is unique to the GENIE machine.

Genie is a personal trainer for the face & body.