Buy Genuine Canon, Xerox toner cartridges

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We are currently looking for following toners. If you carry some of the produts out of this list, please let us know. This time we are looking for genuine only.

Brand Cartridge Name Printer Model

Canon CartridgeP iR 1600, iR 2000
Canon EP-86 LBP-2710/2810
Canon EP-65 LBP-1510/1710
Canon EP-62 LBP-840/1610/LP-3000/LP3010

XEROX CT-350123 DocuPrint 360
XEROX CT-350051 DocuPrint 360
XEROX CT-350126 DocuPrint 260
XEROX CT-350129 DocuPrint 260
XEROX CT-350035 DocuPrint D 211/181/210/180
XEROX CT-350036
XEROX CT-200128 DocuPrint C1616
XEROX CT-200129 DocuPrint C1616
XEROX CT-200130 DocuPrint C1616
XEROX CT-200131 DocuPrint C1616
XEROX E290 DocuPrint C1250 XEROX E291 DocuPrint C1250
XEROX E292 DocuPrint C1250
XEROX E293 DocuPrint C1250

Thank you for your cooperation.

Makito Dojo
Unicommerce Inc.