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Geosynthetics Mat is a new type civil engineering material which be used broadly in maintenance of water and soil, can offer seeds and soil which have been put into them protection, increase the green area and improve the environment.


a. Prevent the surface of ground from weather beaten before seeds up-growth.
b. Since the formed composite protection allow stand great steam after the plants group up these products can replace the material of concrete, asphalt, stone etc.
c. Reduce the costs of construction 7 times as that as concrete slopes and 8 time as brickwork.
d. With macromolecule and outstanding UV light resistance stabilization material these products have steady chemical features and no pollution to environment.
e. Simplify project can commence as soon as foundations finished.
Guidance of usage
a. Rolls of geosynthetics Mat shuttled by stick be pull down the slopes which four sides be nailed up which 30 cm away from each other or 10 nail per square meter.
b. Make nails 15 cm long (away from ground surface) . Looser surface upside the slopes need longer nails.
c. Keep the geosynthetics Mat flat and add the quantity of the nails under indeterminate and complicated conditions.
d. 2 cm overlap is needed for connecting and upsides need attached tightly with the clearance.
The cap of the nail should be double bigger than the aperture of geosynthetics Mat so as to pay an upright pressure on it.
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