Sell Geomembrane(HDPE, LDPE, EVA)

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7 HDPE performs well in mechanical properties , ageing-resistance , chemical-resistance , climate- resistance and resistance to puncture .
7 LDPE & EVA feathers great elongation, good flexibility at low temperature, softness and easy installation.
7 EVA , high-class waterproofing rolls, is formed by combining ethylene polymer with oil-resin .

7HDPE membrane are widely used in land filling and sewage treatment as waterproofing layer.
7LDPE membrane are mainly applied in tunnels as liner and are not used as in roof exposed to the air.
7EVA membrane can provide effective barrier to liquid water in subway , shelter , dyke , artificial pond and in industrial waterproofing projects.
7ECB membrane are mainly used in subway , dyke , tunnel , and civil engineering to protect building against liquid water and moisture .