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[Brief introduction]

GeotecTM Geonets are products of high density polyethylene by squeezed out forming net of square and rhombus and hexagon, which be widely used in many aspects of rock project which have chemical stability, excellent weather ability, resistance to corrosive and higher tensile strength and duration. These products have complete specifications and followings are introductions of geonets CE131 and geonets CE151 which have an broad Applications.
[Applications of GeotecTM Geonets CE131]
1. Geonets CE131 enable grainy material and grid combined together to format a stable flat surface which prevent filled material from sinking and distribute the vertical loads multiplayer consolidating can be used in bad geographical condition.
2. Be used in filled soil of road foundation and bank slope, making them further stable and minimizing land use.
3. Being used in enhancing surface of roads through combining grids and surface material can distribute and transfer the loads effectively and prevent roads from crack occurring.
4. Allow baring greatly clashing loads.
5. Allow bear greater alternating loads.
6. Shorten the period of the construction.
7. Allow construct insusceptbly under the bad condition.
8. Prevent road surface from crack commonly caused by surface turning over.
9. Save the quantity of the constructional material.
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