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RoadpowerT010/140 is non-woven material, which performs the function of a SMAI (stress-absorbing-membrane-interlayer) course, and may also serve as a seal between the newly applied layer and the layer lying beneath. The tack coat applied before laying permeates the RoadpowerT010/10, aided by the temperature, the load of the mixed asphalt and the effect of compaction, so creating the adhesive bond between the two layers. The function and advantages of this technique result from on the compounding effect of RoadpowerT010/140 with the bitumen. Bitumen-saturated RoadpowerT010/140 increases the uniformity of the adhesive bond between two layers of asphalt.
* reduces the notch stress over old cracks with the result that reflection cracks cannot penetrate through at all, or only with delayed effect, and slight aperture widths.
* together with the bitumen, forms a water-tight membrane, which keeps surface water clear of the bonding or load-bearing layers.
* reduce the flexural fatigue of the cover layer resulting from vertical loads.