Sell Gesso Primed Wood Moulding

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Produce: Gesso primed mouding
Country of Origin China
Product Description: Chairrail, crown, casing, fluted, wainscotpanne, Window Sill, Architraves, Base Boards, Handrails, stair boards, ect.
Fingerjoint / Edge-glued fir / pine wood mouldings, with / without priming coated.

Moisture: 10%-12%
Tolerance: Width: 0.5 mm, length: 2mm

Finishing: Fill and mend the defect, Sanded, primed, or varnished, at Buyers' option.

Machining: Gesso primed, adding water-based primer on surface.
Available length: 7ft, 14ft, 16ft, or in customized measure.
Other (WM pattern) mouldings available upon request.