Sell Gift Miniature Ballerina

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The gifts that we make are 100% hand crafted. They are made of crochet copper wire. They are hand painted as well.
The dolls are some of the most difficult and beautiful models. Many other models of miniatures are available.
The product code is:
M-37 (Ballerina - approx. 25 cm)

We are looking for distributors around the world.
For all first wholesale orders will offer gifts representing 10% of the ordered value.
Since the products are entirely hand crafted the manufacturer can provide only approximate copies of the sample in the catalogue. Never two items are alike.
The predominant colours available are red, orange, yellow, green, purple, blue, gold and silver as well as combinations of colours.
Please specify the desired colour.
We can manufacture models on customer's design as well. Contact the manufacturer and we'll provide sample product and price offer.
For any further information leave a message and we'll provide you with price list.
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25 cm
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