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Shrimp pets are a kind of interesting pets and you take care of their life seeing it everyday.
Shrimp pets are living in group, swimming, doing wonderful performance and mating each other.
Seeing and breeding Shrimp pets is a really mysterious experience to you.
Since Shrimp pets are very sensitive to the light, you can lead them to any directions you want.
You can enjoy growing shrimp pet up to 2 cm without exchanging water.

(General Information)

1. Shrimp pets are a kind of sea shrimp.
2. Shrimp pets will be 100% born if you should follow the instruction.
3. It does not need to exchange water for breeding Shrimp pets.
You may pour cleaned additional water (purified water or cool water after boiling tap water) when the height of water is less than 1cm from original water.
4. Shrimp pets will be born about 30-50 pets on one pack in order.
5. Mating Shrimp pets each other will be born the new pets.
6. There is two kinds of pack, thus one pack is including water decontaminant plus shrimp spawn , others is for feed.