Sell Gillette M3 Power blade pack 4's

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M3 Power cartridges with Gillette's most advanced blade edge technology. Combine with the M3 Power razor for a totally new shaving experience and Gillette's best shave ever.
1) New EasyGlide blades with progressive alignment for world's closest, most comfortable shave.
2) Patented blue coating produces a smooth blade surface for incredible glide.
3) Indicator Lubrastrip with Vitamin E and Aloe to help soften skin.
M3 Power cartridges can be used with any M3 razor.
trade detail:
1) Fusion razor compatible with blades 4s' or 8s'
2) Good quality and competitive price with one-stop service
3) Prompt delivery
4) Shipped to you door to door via EMS, DHL, FedEx and TNT or other carriers