Sell Ginger

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We provide fresh ginger. We also provide dry ginger whole or dehydrated ginger. Ginger continues to be valued around the world as an important cooking spice and is believed to help the common cold, flu-like symptoms, headaches etc.

We provide fresh ginger in following specifications and packaging:
Specifications: 50g/100g/150g/200g/250g/300g pieces.
Packing: 10kgs/PVC Carton, 20kgs/Mesh bag

Dry Ginger Whole:
Packing: 50 kg gunny bag

Loading Capacity:
40ft reefer container=26-28 MT
20ft reefer container=14 MT

We make every effort to ensure that the products reach you at their organic best. Contact us fresh and high quality agro products at a reasonable price.