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The main ingredients:
Ginseng, whose scientific name is Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer. The staples are the six-year-age and top grade roots of ginseng cultivated in Changbai Mountain, China, such as long roots, big branches and tall rhizomes. The results of strict inspection and check show that the quality level, the content of effective ingredients, the residue of pesticide and the content of heavy mental (As, Hg and Pb, etc) are in accord with national regulatory standard.

In addition, the lily, embilc leafflower fruit and gingko all tally with the standard set in The Pharmacopoeia of the Peoples of China (2005 edition) .

The effective ingredients:
Each capsule contains:
Rg3 2.5mg
Rg1 0.1mg
Rb1 0.1mg
Lily 40mg
Emblic leafflower fruit 4mg
Gingko 4mg
Starch some

The effect of health protection:
Eliminating fatigue and improving constitution. According to results of the trials, the efficacy of using ginsenoside Rg3 for anti  fatigue is 40 times as much as that of common medicinal ginseng. Thus it can notably enhance the stamina and adaptability of body, and improve the capability of learning and memory, as well as working efficiency. In addition, ginsenoside Rg1 can improve excitability of body and ameliorate the reactive sensitivity and harmony of organism. Rb1 also has the function of hypnotism and sedation. Accompanied with lily, gingko and emblic leafflower fruit, which can replenish vital essence to nourish the lung, promote digestion and nourish the spleen respectively, so as to realize the mutual help of yin and yang equilibrium and can achieve the goal of harmonizing all systems of organism, eliminating fatigue and enhancing constitution.

Ginsenoside Rg3 is one of the most effective ingredients in ginseng known so far that can enhance immunity of organism. Oral administration of Rg3 can improve the activities of natural killer cell (NK) , T cell subgroup, transformation lymphocyte, macrophage and some kinds of immunity factors, such as interleukin-2 (IL-2) , etc. Besides, Rg3 and Rg1 can improve humoral immunity of organism and remove invading pathogenies. Having taken it for a long period, one can enhance constitution, feel relaxed and prolong life.

Preventing and curing carcinoma. Rg3 can restrain the formation of fresh vessels of carcinoma and inhibit reproduction, infiltration and metastasis of carcinoma cells effectively, thus it can prevent and cure the occurrence, development and relapse of carcinoma.

The population Rg3 is good for:
It is good for tired, infirm or fatigue prone people, especially those who have the symptoms of chronic fatigue and are under sub healthy condition.

The population Rg3 is not good for:
Children who are under the age of 14
The product uses an advanced technology and does not contain any hormone. However, as it is a stronger tonic that can well exploit ones organic potential; the childrens administration must follow the directions of physicians.

Two capsules each time, twice a day (four capsules each time if over-tired) accompanied with warm boiled water.

No side and toxic effects have been found in the trials of a large circle of population, therefore it is safe and effective.

Eating ginseng and its preparation can give rise to the symptom, so-called Shanghuo or Pyretic qi, which means suffering from excessive internal heat, chiefly manifesting a dry throat, a bitter taste and fuss, even sore of mouth and tongue, nosebleed and hypertension. As the product is processed by hi-tech, the side reaction of Shanghuo was removed while keeping its tonic efficiency, thus it can be administered safely.

Having been researched specially, the product is good for people with various constitutions. The infirm can follow the way recommended, 2 capsules each time, 2 times daily, while the strong can take whole 4 capsules once a day. Nonetheless, it is unnecessary to take the several-days dosage in one day.

It is recommended to take the product regularly to pursue the best effect. The change of seasons and climates will not affect the efficacy of the product and produce side reaction. Replenishing the primordial vigour and restoring the immunity is the fundamental way to keep healthy for a long time.

Designed to keep healthy of normal people, the product has multi-function. However, its regular administrations recommended cannot replace the curative drugs, thus, if sick, one should go to hospital in time.

The product is the concentration of essence of ginseng; it is unnecessary to administer other ginseng products at the same time.

Storage method:
Put in the cool and dry places.

Shelf life:
24 months

100 mg per capsule

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Weishijianzi (2002) No. 0247
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