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Ginseng leaves and stems contain rich nutritious components. Chinese ancient drug books state that Ginseng leaves and stems accrue saliva and nourish lung and liver. Modern research finds the monomer Rh2 that exists mainly on leaves and stems is have anticancer properties. As the active substance in Panax Ginseng Powdered Extract, ginsenosides has the ability to increase the amount of leukocyte and increase body's immunity. It also helps resist fatigue and aging.

As the active ingredients in Panax Ginseng Powdered Extract, ginsenosides increase the amount of leukocyte, stimulate physical and mental activity especially in tired or weak patients, defend the human system from the effects of prolonged physical strain, act as a mental stimulant without the side effects of other stimulants, and produce such effects as balancing metabolic processes, decreasing blood sugar, improving muscle tone, stimulating the endocrine system and maintaining proper hormone levels. Research has even shown that ginseng is effective in maintaining and even restoring the cell's capacity to function and therefore may reduce a number of symptoms of old age.

Tianshan's Panax Ginseng Powdered Extract is widely used in Pharmaceutical, Nutritional, Health Food and Cosmetics Industries.