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Ginseng Royal Jelly liquid is made from pure Ginseng root grown in Mount Chang Bai of China along with the finest royal jelly and honey.
]Royal Jelly
Royal Jelly is a milky substance secreted by the worker bee. It contains all of hte B-complex vitamins with high concentrations of B5 and B6. Royal jelly also containsminerals and amino acids. It is the sole food for the Queen Bee to consume and she is albe to live 20 times longer than the other bees. Royal Jelly is a great tonic for those who are weak and under mental and physical stress. Benefit the skin and also boosts the immune system.

Each bottle contains 2000mg of Ginseng and 300mg of Royal Jelly.

Packing: 10mlx10x60boxs/carton
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10ml x 10 x 60boxes/carton
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