Sell Glamour Block-C

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Glamour Block-C is a digital color changing high power LED spot light which designed for building decorative lighting and contour illumination. It can also be used as a component of custom fixture. Glamour Block-C has 54 built-in Super Bright LEDs (22R / 16G / 16B) with extruded aluminum housing. Clear and milky lenses are available. The external diameter is 120mm.
Glamour Block-C is driven by exterior driver PDA752.
Glamour Block-C standard light string is a strand of 10 PDA752 and each PDA752 control one Glamour Block-C. The spacing of PDA 752s is 1M, and total string length 10.1M. The spacing between PDA752 to Glamour Block-C is 0.6M. The spacing can be customized. The Glamour Block-C is connected to PDA752 with sealed circular connector. The standard light string adopts mid-way power supply and is connected to power supply with mid-way power connector.