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Welcome to Fabait Glass Bead factory.
We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of glass beads in China. It depends on autochthonic abundant natural gas resources, developed to the one of largest supplier of glass beads in China.

We are specialized in glass beads including used in road marking paints, thermoplastic pavement marking sheet, and industrial sandblasting, polishing and metal surface treatment.
Continuous research advancement and accumulated know-how enable us to expand our production line to worldwide countries.

We have specilized in glass beads for road marking for many years. We can produce and supply all kinds of standard glass beads:
AASHTO M247 TYPE 1 /TYPE 2; BS6088A/B; EN1423/EN1424; KS; AS2002:2009.

Reflective glass beads improve the contrary reflection of traffic marking coatings when vehicles illuminate the glass beads in the markings. The light is reflected in parallel, so the driver can see the road more clearly and drive safely at night.
AASHTO M247 TYPE 1 /TYPE 2; BS6088A/B; EN1423/EN1424;KS; and etc
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