Sell Glass Bead

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The Chief Advantage
1, The Light-reflecting Paint made by Glass Beads
The product is made of glass beads, that is suitable for painting the mark line of highway, runway of the airport. At night it can reflect bright light of the light of car. Even in the wild without lamps, it can be avoiding the occurrence of traffic accidents through making saving markings very clearly. According to a data in the USA, after using this product, the traffic accidents reduced by 69%.
2, The Light-reflecting Membrane made by Glass Beads
The light-reflecting membrane which is made by glass bead is chiefly used to make different kinds of signs on the two sides of the road. Even if there is not electricity and light at night, the signs of safety instructions can also reflect bright image on the car light and provide convenient for driver, so as to keep safe to the car. The ship painting made by light-reflecting glass bead can prevent ships from knocking on the black sea.
3, The light-reflecting Fabric Made by Glass Beads
The clothes and belts, which are made by the material that has been put glass bead, can reflect at night. The beads make a contribution to road safety (for drivers and pedestrians alike) with its high visible warning during darkness, heavy rain and even fog.
Supply Capacity
200 Ton Per Month
Condition of Goods
Minimum Order Quantity
5 Ton