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Glass Beads for Road Marking can improve visibility of the traffic markings and road signs andsupply safer night driving conditions. When driving at night, the headlights light on the graticule of glass microsphere, the glass microsphere can make the light of car-light to reflect parallel, and make the driver distinguish the direction in order to improve driving safety. For glass microsphere of various gradations, when the top big sphere is worn, the appeared bottom small sphere can be used continuously. Grade B product is generally used.
There are two Grades: Grade A & Grade B and high refractive index Glass Beads available:
Grade A, used to be mixed with the paint prior to stripping the road. As the paint layers wear, the beads are exposed giving the enhanced visibility of road markings.
Grade B, used to be dropped on the freshly stripped paint surface on the road to give immediate enhanced visibility to night drivers.

Glass surface coating is not easy to be eroded. In the process of storage and usage, glass microsphere whose surface is easy to be moisture is in humid atmosphere, It leads to light scattering, and therefore influences the direct reflection.

Glass nicrosphere coated material is a kind of organic material which may have better consolute with road coating material. While being spread on the road graticule surface, it is not easy to come off, It has stronger adhesion force specially used on coating material graticule of constant temperrature (including water soluble coating material) and may maintain light reflection effects for a long time.
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